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Breaker Bar

Leverage or Cheater Bar

ALT TEXTA great tool for obtaining the leverage necessary to loosen very tight bolts.

How to use a Breaker Bar:

ALT TEXTA Breaker Bar is a must for taking off high torque fastened bolts such as the crankshaft center bolt or head bolts during disassembly. To add even more mechanical advantage, you can stick a long pipe around the handle. You should get enough power to take off the most stubborn bolts.

Breaker Bar as seen in Basic Engine Building:

ALT TEXTAfter removal of the engine, one of the first things that can come off is the flywheel. You can see here as we show you how to stop the flywheel from spinning with a flathead screwdriver in the teeth and use the breaker bar to loosen the bolts.
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