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Crank Socket

Crank Turning Socket

ALT TEXTLarge socket for 1/2 inch ratchet designed to fit the end of a crank shaft for turning by hand.

How to use a Crank Socket:

ALT TEXTEach Crankshaft Socket is specifically sized for a particular engine make and crankshaft nose dimensions. When in place a Crank Socket will engage with the woodruff keyway that should be installed in the machined slot in the nose of the crankshaft. A Ratchet Wrench or Breaker Bar (usually a 1/2" drive fitting) can be engaged into the square slot of the Crank Socket and be used to rotate the crankshaft.
Crank Socket as seen in Basic Engine Building:

ALT TEXTDuring Pre-assembley and Final assembly a crank turning socket is a must. Once the valve train and rotating assembly is in place it is just to hard to turn by hand. This will give you the ease to turn the crank while adjusting valve lash and doing piston to valve clearance.
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