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Engine Stand

Engine Block Stand

A four legged engine stand for engine builders.Four legged rolling engine stand for easy movability of your block while rebuilding.

How to use an engine stand:

A four legged Craftsman engine rebuilding stand.A good engine stand should have four legs with quality steel castors. Don't cheat yourself and go with a three legged stand. Chances are it will tip and you could ruin your motor or hurt yourself.

Engine stand as seen in Basic Engine Building:

Adaptor mounting plate for an engine stand.The mounting plate for the stand is adjustable. You will be able to fit just about any engine block. Make sure you always use Grade 8 bolts. There will be hundreds of pounds resting on these bolts and you don't want to risk damaging the motor because of cheap parts. And always make sure you put the locking pin in place when your not rotating the motor. Adding and removing parts can shift weight and you don't want your cylinder heads falling on your foot.

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