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Gear Puller

Adjustable Jaw Gear Puller

Automotive Gear PullerSpecialized tool for removing timing gears. Various shapes and sizes for differen't applications.

How to use a gear puller:

3 Jawed Gear PullerAlways use a gear puller of the required size or larger. Use a 3-jaw puller, if possible.Ensure that the gear puller is aligned with the shaft. The jaws should be parallel with the screw. This assures a straight pull.Be careful when removing a stubborn gear or bearing. Always strike the head of the centre screw squarely. If after two sharp blows the gear or bearing remains stuck, select a larger puller and proceed to remove the gear or bearing.
Gear puller as seen in Basic Engine Building:

A 3 jaw gear puller removing a timing setA quality 3 jaw gear puller removing the camshaft timing gear.
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