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Oil Primer Rod

Oil Pump Primer Rod

Oil Pump Primer RodSpecialty tool used to pre oil the engine during final assembly and before installation and start up.

How to use an oil pump primer rod:

3 Oil Pump Primer Rods for different enginesConnects to the slot in the oil pump drive rod where the distributor would normally be. A drill turns the drive rod which turns the oil pump and causes oil to flow and pre-lube the motor before start-up.
Primer rod as seen in Basic Engine Building:

Small Block Chevy Oil Pump Primer Rod.

During final assembly we used our oil pump primer rod connected to a power drill. As it spins the oil pump you make sure that the oil is flowing out of the valve train and check the pressure with an oil pressure gauge.When replacing the distributor, it's helpful to be able to turn the oil pump shaft a bit at a time to assist in lining up the distributor gear. This tool can be spun by hand to help line up the distributor gear with the oil pump shaft during installation.
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