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Vise Grip

Locking Pliers, Vise Grips or Vice Grips

Vice Grip PliersA pair of adjustable pliers that lock closed.

How to use Vise Grip:

Locking Vise Grip PliersAlso known as "Vice Grips", these pliers are adjustable by a screw in one handle. When they are fully closed a spring lever locks them closed. Another lever under one handle releases the lock to let them free. They come in many sizes and styles for all sorts of applications.
Vise-Grips as seen in Basic Engine Building:

Vise Grips locking a Flywheel in place.Here the vise-grips are keeping the flexplate from turning. Also an alternative tool for rotating flexplates.Jaws can be clamped with the wire cutting teeth of the pliers positioned between the teeth on the flexplate.
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